My father's BX-2 "Cherry"


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This page is dedicated to my father Vincenc Pecek - Cene and his homebuilt aircraft BX-2 Cherry

He bought schemas and licence from the constructor Mr. Max Braendly of BX-2 Aviation on December '89. After translating instructions he started his work in July '90. The first flight was in Jun '95 after over 6.000 hours of hard work. Collecting material, which caused him lot of troubles, is not included in this quote. At this point I would like to stress a wonderful experience that colleagues form Austria extraordinarily helped him.

After enormous problems with Posa Supercarb carburettor he has flown over 240 hours till October 2002. You can mail him over my address.


bx2-2.jpg (10426 bytes)Technical details about his airplane:

Two-seater from wood and epoxy

Weight: 342kg
Engine: Revmaster 2100D
Horse power: 65 at 3200 rpm
Propeller: Adjustable
Cruising speed (1p) 210-215 km/h
Cruising speed (2p) 190-195 km/h
Marking: S5-MAG
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